Business Spotlight: A Drummer's Tradition: Music takes center stage at downtown store.

Business Spotlight: A Drummer's Tradition: Music takes center stage at downtown store.
By Zack Ruskin 

A Drummer's Tradition
740 A Street, San Rafael
(415) 458-1688
Who are they? Robert Bowler started out as a working musician. Once his family obligations began, he wanted to settle into a career that offered more stability but kept him "in the scene." He opened A Drummer's Tradition without any retail experience. Within a short period of time, Bowler realized how rewarding it was to turn people on to music. 

Bowler grew up in San Rafael and started his musical journey back in high school. He graduated college and moved to Los Angeles to "really cut [his] teeth" in the music world. Soon after returning to Marin, A Drummer's Tradition opened its doors. 

Lex Razon has worked with Bowler for the past seven years. He's a founding member of the band Vinyl, and one of the most respected musicians in Marin and an all-around great person. 

How long have they been there? Bowler founded A Drummer's Tradition back in 1996. The original location was on Fourth and G streets. Around five years ago, he moved the store to its current location at 740 A St. in downtown San Rafael.  It was a move that increased the store size and teaching facilities.

What do they offer? A Drummer's Tradition is unique in many ways. First and foremost, they have and share an incredible amount of drum knowledge. They sell new and used equipment. The store specializes in vintage drums, and all the history that's attached. Bowler emphasizes the musical focus that guides every facet of his store.

"We don't pretend to be a big box store with the goal of simply selling you something. We're in it from a new musician's first kit or drum through their entire musical journey," he said.

A Drummer's Tradition offers a who's who of experienced working professional teachers, a trained and enthusiastic staff, and a love for everything drum-related. 

Why are they in our Business Spotlight? At a time when a store's life expectancy is rapidly diminishing, Bowler has made it his priority to see A Drummer's Tradition through any hardships and cement itself as a destination location in downtown San Rafael. By placing the focus of staff and sales on music, quality products and superb service come naturally. Bowler subscribes to the philosophy of "do what you love, love what you do."


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